E- LAB Clinical Lab Software

E-Lab is such a solution that handles your precious data in a very compact and secure method, there is no file system so that your data redundancy is totally minimized. E-Lab is a very very simple software to operate. The solution helps users complete various daily tasks including inventory management, financial transactions, billing and reporting. eLab is deployed on-premise and is suitable for medical laboratories of all sizes.

The solution offers features and functionalities such as sample tracking, patient registration, appointment management, referral management, patient information management, procedure-based billing and a lab-instrument interface. E-Lab provides user-based access controls to provide authorized access to other staff members for features such as discounts, referrals and admin rights. .

Advantage of Library Management Software

  • »Maintains record patients with accurate test reports.
  • »Test report - Biochemistry, Serology, Widal, HB, TLC, DLC.
  • »Reduced costs and improved efficiency.
  • »Easy to handle.
  • »Fast Implementation.
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Some of the features of E- Lab Software

Appointment Management

Referral Managementc

Fast Search

Database backup/restore (Management)

Multi User login & Roll based access

Patient Information Management

Business Management System

Reliable and Secure